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Laboratory of Experimental Strength of Materials and Structures

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Services offered


  • Earthquake Resistant Design of Concrete, Steel and Masonry Structures
  • Seismic Isolation (FPS, LRB, Flat Sliding, Dampers)
  • Rehabilitation of Concrete and Masonry Structures (Concrete Jackets and FRPs)

Experimental Verification

  • Experimental Dynamic and Static testing of structures or structural elements In-Situ and in the Lab. (EN Certified Procedures)

Courses offered


  • Experimental Structural Mechanics
  • Masonry Structures


  • Experimental Earthquake Engineering
  • Earthquake Design of Masonry Structures
  • Mechanics of Masonry Structures

Laboratory  Testing Capabilities

  1. Static loading up to 6000kN
  2. Multi-Directional Dynamic Loading (up to 2000kN)
  3. Real-time Seismic Loading (up to 250kN)

Laboratory Research Activities

The main activities that are the following:

  • Strength of Materials and Structures
  • Stress Analysis of Components and Structures
  • Dynamic and Earthquake Behavior of Materials, Components and Structural systems

All the above are investigated in the laboratory or in-Situ.

Apart from the academic activities, the Laboratory has been active in numerous research and applied engineering projects contracted by Greek and International customers in the public and private sector. All investigations utilize the laboratory capabilities as well as specialized software that is being used as part of supplementary numerical studies. The services provided by the laboratory to all its customers are in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.