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tel: +302310995653, +302310995639, fax: +302310995769, Director: prof. George Manos, Secretary: ms. Nafsika Sileloglou
Address: Laboratory of Experimental Strength of Materials and Structures, Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University Campus, GR54006, Thessaloniki, Greece
Laboratory equipment capabilities are: static loads up to 6000kN, multi-directional dynamic loads up to 2000kN. Real time seismic loads up to 250kN.
We offer materials/structures stress-strain measurement and analysis and also static, dynamic and seismic experiments and analysis for both traditional and modern structures. The experimental tests can be performed in the Laboratory or in-Situ.
The Laboratory exists since 1957. First Director was prof. George Nitsiotas followed by prof. Georgios Lianis and the current director is prof. George Manos.